Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Going, Going, Gone! Can You Believe Part III?


On Wednesday, be a part of Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie history, as we present the same topic for the third day in a row. That’s only because you showed your interest and enthusiasm for the subject the previous two days. One more time, let us hear from with with your completion of the sentence, “I hate it when…,” or, “It drives me crazy when…” There’s been one amazing take after another, and Wednesday’s show is sure to be the crown jewel. Call early to make sure you get through and get on the air!

T2- MAY 6-2019- drive-crazy

2 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone! Can You Believe Part III?

  1. I agree with you Jerry about people talking in church. The people who are talking MUST realize they are the only ones talking, but it makes no difference to them. I have been in earshot of some of these conversations: a new puppy, a new camera, where to eat after Mass, exchanging Halloween candies, etc.

    When Fr Wade Menezes has his program on EWNT radio on Tuesday afternoons, he has the habit of saying “huh” or “huh?” Just listen to him sometime. (I expect you to tell him.)

    Mother Angelica and Fr Mitch Pacwa are miked up so that when they inhale, we hear every breath. We hear all these gasps for air. Now most people are not miked up like this, but she was and he is miked up that way. I don’t understand why.


    • Rick,

      Thanks for your comments and for listening to the show. We really appreciate it. I’m not aware of the issues you mentioned with the other show hosts. Of course, Mother (we pray) is now in Heaven. You are certainly welcome to write to Fr. Wade or Fr. Mitch about your concerns. Hopefully, the content of their presentations is more than enough to keep you listening. We’re all very blessed to have them presenting on EWTN.

      God bless you!


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