Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

“I Hate It When…”


As we navigate our way through this thing we call life, each one of us develops an appreciation for many things, as well as an irritation at certain things. Among the latter are things that really get under our skin. We might even say, “I hate it when (such-and-such happens).” It could be just about anything, from the way so-and-so dresses, to how certain people on TV report (or misreport) the news. From a gloomy, rainy day, to being served a lousy, lukewarm meal in a restaurant. Perhaps we could call these “pet peeves,” only on steroids. Join us with your take on Monday!

T2- MAY 6-2019- drive-crazy

2 thoughts on ““I Hate It When…”

  1. In re: to I hate it when: Those who leave before the final blessing. It’s very disrespectful to the priest’s priesthood.


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