Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whom Or What Are You Praying For?


You know how it works. The Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie family is a praying family. We lift up you and your intentions every day, and we absolutely count on your prayers. And, once a month we invite you to call with your prayer intentions for all the world to hear. That’s what’s up next on Wednesday’s show. Call early to give us your prayer intention(s)!

17 thoughts on “Whom Or What Are You Praying For?

  1. Please pray for Dean, a blind, brain-injured man who struggles ferociously to live independently against great odds. Sadly, he lives in a squalid apartment with bugs. A trip to the grocery store with dial-a-ride transportation takes 10 hours. Please pray for his spiritual, psychological, social, and materials needs, including better sanitary housing.


  2. Please pray for my grandson, he still has a couple of months to go in his mother’s womb. An earlier ultrasound found spots on his brain. They refused to abort. Thank you for your prayers and all you do. I know prayers are answered. God Bless you


  3. Please pray for my Mom and my sister that they would find forgiveness and mercy in their hearts from a lifetime of wounds. That they would find God’s peace from that.


  4. Please pray for my sister who is blind. She had a seizure the night before last and as a result she suffered a broken bone in foot. This is her 2nd seizure in a month. Her name is Helene. She prays the rosary usually 3x/ day. I will asked her to continue to pray for any intentions on your show today. God Bless and thank you.


    • We will surely pray for Helene, especially to St. Helena (a little different spelling). Thank you for praying for the global Take 2 family!


  5. Please pray for Ian, Sandie, Izzy and Patrick Watts that they will find their way to believe in God and the fullness of truth. Please pray for George Watts that his marriage is good and that his mind stays sharp and that his faith and health remain robust. Please pray for that repose of Margherita Watts’s soul.
    Also, please pray for me, Debra Watts, that God keeps his hand on me. I was recently scammed online financially in a large amount. Please pray that all of our loved ones find their way to God in the fullness of truth and to to great relationships and community in supporting each other and for God’s will in all things.


    • Debra,

      Yes, we will surely pray for all of your family members. And, we’re so sorry about you being taken advantage of financially online. You will be in our prayers!


  6. Pray for my son & his wife Enrique & Madisson for their conversion that are distance from faith and the church. Thank you


  7. Please pray for the conversion of my husband Cyrus. I pray for him daily and would love for him to come to know Jesus Christ deep in his heart. We have four young children and I know they would love if he joined us for church every Sunday.


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