Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Children Who Have Left the Faith


On Friday, we wrap up “Family Week.” It’s been a tremendous series of shows so far, and this will be the crown jewel. Everywhere we go, the most frequently mentioned prayer intention of parents, grandparents and family members is that their son(s) or daughter(s) is away from a practice of the faith. Many of us have seen these individuals return to Mass and the sacraments. Others are still waiting, often in tears, for that blessed day to arrive. If this unfortunate scenario touches upon your life, call and let’s talk about it as we head into the weekend.

T2- April 26-2019- left-church

2 thoughts on “Children Who Have Left the Faith

  1. Hi Jerry and Debbie. I listen to you every day and I would like you to add my son Kurt to your prayer list. He recently went through a divorce.. has filed for bankruptcy and his house is in foreclosure. He is very depressed and feels like the only solution is to end his life. He won’t seek professional help because when he did and told them he was suicidal… they were mandated to report it…which is ex wife is using against him… I live in Texas.. he lives in Indiana and he feels isolated and alone. He has one son, Wyatt and he is 3 years old…. my other children feels he should be coping better by now.. it’s been 2 years…
    Thank you for your prayers.

    Karen Crosswy


    • Karen,

      We will surely pray for Kurt, you and your entire family right away and continually. What he’s going through are very real challenges, and can easily make one depressed. I (Jerry) know what it’s like to see ending one’s life as the only option. I have experienced that before. Anyone who hasn’t, cannot possibly relate in any meaningful way. May the Lord and Our Lady bring Kurt great peace and consolation as well as providing for his material needs like a house, etc. Please keep us posted at take2@ewtn.com. God bless you!


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