Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Giving It the “New College Try”


It’s so happy and innocent when parents send their sons and daughters off to college, and the first time they return for a break, so much about them has changed. They have begun questioning things, they’re cynical, they’re not sure they’re Catholic anymore, they’ve gotten involved in drinking parties and sexual promiscuity. The list could go on and on. On Tuesday, call us if this has – or hasn’t – happened to your precious child. Either way, you will have a ton of information and inspiration to offer parents who will be facing this scenario very soon.

T2- April 9-2019- _college

2 thoughts on “Giving It the “New College Try”

  1. My adult daughter, who is highly educated left the Catholic Church. She has a PhD and does not need God. Higher education is important to her. BTW, she was home-schooled and said I forced my beliefs on her. God still speaks to HIS creation today, first through the Bible, also in creation. Then, if we are in communication with God he speaks to us in everyday events. This Lent, I have learned from God to be more patient. He continues to speak to me because I want to be in a relationship with HIM.


    • Mary, thanks for your comments. We agree with you that God can and does speak with us in many beautiful ways. We will join you in praying for your daughter to return to the faith you worked so hard to instill in her as a youth. Bless you!


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