Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

How’s Your Relationship With St. Joseph?


He’s completely silent in Scripture. At least when it comes to words. But he is clearly one of the most important figures in salvation history, especially with regard to how he led the holy family and helped to raise Jesus in preparation for His ministry, passion and death. After the Virgin Mary, there is no saint more powerful when it comes to interceding for us and helping us. Joseph is the Patron of the Universal Church, Terror of Demons and much more. So, how often do you turn to him for help? Do you have a devotion to St. Joseph? Are you named after him? Why do you think he has always been more or less “hidden” in many people’s spiritual lives? Let’s talk about this on Tuesday – the Feast of St. Joseph!

T2- Mar-19-2019- joe

2 thoughts on “How’s Your Relationship With St. Joseph?

  1. My maternal grandmother Josephine was born 113 years ago on this Feast day! She was truly devoted to St. Joseph always asking for prayer. The music “St. Joseph Pray for Us” by Angelina, is one of the most beautiful songs that is expressed! My favorite day as well!
    Hope to hear both Debbie and Jerry in our location this week. You two need to visit Walla Walla!
    Holy Spirit Sanctifier Radio 100.7


    • Thank you, Cindy. We were able to read this on the air. I (Jerry) have been to Walla Walla before, as I grew up in Washington state. Beautiful area! God bless you!


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