Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Is Your Preferred Method of Disciplining Your Kids?

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The Bible is very clear that discipline is required for each of us, including and especially when we are young and being trained in the ways of life. Without appropriate discipline, children become adults with a greatly diminished capacity for leading healthy lives. But discipline can cross a line and become abuse if it’s not administered in the right ways. And philosophies and methods of child discipline fluctuate greatly and are prone to change over time. What are some of the ways that you do and don’t like to discipline your kids? Do you ever use corporal discipline? Time outs? Making your children do extra chores? Do you ground them? Take away their privileges or tech gadgets? We always learn from you, so let’s have a vibrant discussion about this on Monday.

T2- Mar-11-2019- raise-kids


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