Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Inspirational Music


T2- Mar-4-2019- Inspire_music

A gospel hymn, a country love song, an instrumental classical arrangement?  Music definitely touches our hearts and even our souls.  Share with us how music is a part of your life and how it has enhanced your life journey…Call us at 1-833-288-EWTN.

The Monks of Norcia — Benedicta– Marian Chant from Norcia

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Music

  1. Debbie. I love your show and listen every day. I was blessed this past Advent to see you live in Colorado at Light of the World parish in Littleton. I was so excited to hear you were coming to town. I was listening to your show today on inspirational music and wasn’t able to call. I would like to share my favorites. I think this group is from South Africa but you can download from iTunes. The Sons of Korah. They sing the Psalms. I find it very therapeutic and peaceful. Also Kitty Cleveland’s album Hail Holy Queen which is devoted to Our Blessed Mother. I will be celebrating four years in the Catholic Church this Easter Vigil. I am in love with Jesus and his church. I love EWTN!

    Jan Dickinson


  2. Jan, thank you so much for the kind words and for sharing your favorite inspirational music…Hope you have a blessed Lent…Peace, Debbie and Jerry


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