Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Ladies, Tell Us How You Thrive in Your Faith


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Ok ladies, it is your turn to share with the world how you thrive in your faith.  The men did an outstanding job yesterday inspiring and encouraging us with their personal faith practices.  Now it is time to focus on the women of faith.  Please call us Tuesday and share with the rest of the world your recipe for spiritual success. We are not asking you to boast about your prayer life, but rather to let us in on how you have deepened your relationship with God. We can all benefit from what you are willing to share.  1-833-288-EWTN

2 thoughts on “Ladies, Tell Us How You Thrive in Your Faith

  1. Jerry and Debbie, today I was able to listen to the last half of your show. I live in a rural area of Wyoming, 40 miles from the nearest town so I enjoy listening as I drive to town.
    Today I was enthralled listening to all of the ways that women bless their homes. I especially liked the idea of putting holy water in a spray bottle… 🙂
    Here is my thought…as you closed the show I was feeling like I was left hanging. I really wanted to hear more of the ways that women have found to bless their homes and families. Sooooo…..I found myself wishing there were a book or booklet with all of these great ideas plus the ones I missed hearing, and I am sure there must be many more women who have their special ways of blessing their families.
    Would you be amenable to bringing all of these ideas together so they could be made into a book? If I were there, I would be happy to help with the project.
    Blessings on all that you do. I so very much enjoy your show.


    • Susan, we are so happy you got a lot from today’s show. We have been asked on many occasions to compile the info shared on the show and create a book series. We love the idea, but it just comes down to time…ugh! 🙂 We will keep you posted if we are able to do such a project. Thank you for you kind words and thank you for being part of the Take 2 family…Peace, Debbie and Jerry


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