Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Do You Want to Be Set Free From?

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We’re all carrying spiritual, psychological and emotional burdens. While we’re not experts in any of those fields, we’ve experienced the same challenges you have. Maybe one of your children died, and you have taken the blame for it. Perhaps your kids are away from the faith, and you think you could have done more to keep them grounded in it. It might have been a relationship that didn’t work out, and you can’t stop beating yourself up over it. This kind of baggage fills each of our lives. But Jesus wants us to be free of these burdens. On Friday, let’s try to provide hope to one another about how we can start to be free of these burdens.

T2- 02-8-19-free

P.S. On Thursday’s show about spiritual reading, a caller mentioned Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, a work that both Jerry and Debbie mentioned they had made use of and further recommended. Our understanding of the book is that it is the author’s attempt to create a daily devotional that will inspire her readers with words she could imagine were coming from Jesus. A member of the Take 2 Family e-mailed us expressing some concerns about that book. Upon further research, we discovered this helpful review by EWTN’s Johnnette Williams of Women of Grace. We provide it for your instruction and benefit, and assure you that it is our intention to ensure that we only present and recommend resources on our show (and any EWTN show, for that matter) that are considered entirely solid and dependable. Thanks!


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