Take 2

Living In the Here and Now


The only moment we really “have,” or “possess,” or can “make use of” is right now. What’s happened in the past cannot be changed. What remains to unfold in the future is largely unknown. So, why is it that we so often have such a hard time living life “right now,” without looking back or ahead? Too often, we get pulled down by the past. Or, we get anxious about what’s going to happen going forward. Recalling the past, or reflecting on the future, are not necessarily wrong or bad. Each can be fruitful if done in the right manner. But how can we better focus on where are right now, and handle to the best of our ability what we’ve been called by God to do right now, without the burden of the past or a fear of the future getting in the way? Call and share your take on Thursday’s show.

t2- 01-31-19- today

4 thoughts on “Living In the Here and Now

  1. Can you read my reply here?


  2. I love your show & ministry! God bless you & all listeners.

    I would like to add something for caller Andrew, agree he is beautiful soul, & all your listeners. Debbie graciously offered Jeremiah 29:11, which is so beautiful & powerful. I’ve prayed for a long time. I’m a fairly recent widow (April 2017) & lost my job (June 2018) & endured my own health issues. I would add to pray the verses 12 through 14 that directly follow as these are incredibly powerful & so loving from God. We must seek our Good God with all our heart. He will listen. I know we tend to focus on Jeremiah 29:11, which is great, but I love the rest of God’s beautiful words of promise, hope & comfort. God bless you with great abundance! Keep up the great ministry!!


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