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Covington Catholic Teens vs Mainstream Media

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A story went viral about high school teens taunting elders and protestors at the DC March for Life.  Mainstream media and high-profile individuals immediately responded and happily condemned the students at Covington Catholic High School.  Now, thanks to video footage, the truth is finally being revealed.  As additional information is being made public, this story gets even more disturbing on many levels. Our Take 2 family has asked that we open up the phones lines and allow folks to weigh in to help unpack this situation.  A nontroversy?  You decide when you call in. 1-833-288-3986.

One thought on “Covington Catholic Teens vs Mainstream Media

  1. The boys behaved exemplary and deserve an apology. I feel this is an attack on white males and the Catholic Church. Please address this as we face more hatred and assaults


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