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Legalized Pot and Your Children


It’s inevitable. Young people for decades have had easy access to marijuana. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now, as pot becomes “legal” in states across the country, has that made it even more readily accessible to those you know and love? So many advocates for legalized marijuana are rejoicing and proclaiming the “good news” that what was for so long illegal, is now legal for both medicinal and recreational use. Pot-growing facilities are popping up everywhere, with billboards, sign spinners and advertisements telling would-be customers where to find their products, which range from what you smoke, to what you eat, to what you rub into your body. Are you alarmed about this? Do you have children you’re concerned are going to find it all-too-easy to access marijuana, even though they are not yet old enough to legally obtain it? This seems like a foregone conclusion. But what do you have to say about it? Share your take on Tuesday’s show.

t2- 01-8-19-pot_man-child

6 thoughts on “Legalized Pot and Your Children

  1. the value of your program is based largely on the “quality” of the callers. I have to give you credit for bringing up a serious subject (compared to yesterday, for example). A couple callers today had some serious comments to make. The matter of legalization came up in my state last November and passed, but I voted against it.

    My local city council was, oddly, very much in favor of medical MJ because it brought in a lot of revenue, at $5,000 per license application. This is ridiculous. So, they grabbed $100K in application fees. This town hardly needs 20 dispensaries. If it was “medical” why isn’t it dispensed in the old fashioned pharmacies?

    I seem to recall that one of the dispensing locations is right across from the county jail (and police stations). I think the highway fatality figures have shown upticks in places where MJ has been legalized.


  2. I just caught the end of your show today (1/8/19). I don’t want to assign motive or judge, but I am pretty sure the second to last caller, a male. was a prank call. I hope this is edited before rebroadcast.


  3. Hi I’m recovering from a spinal cord injury. I was an over the road trucker all my life. I’m 57 n have a complete opposite impact as most callers. I’m listening to a repairing of the show. I was on so many iPods trying to control my nerve pain. My daughter lives in ca. One visit she wanted me to talk to a man who has been grow medical canabis for a long time. I got my medical card. I’m not a smoker as I tried it in high school. Just didn’t do anything for me. He gave me several varieties to try as a vape pen. I take several puffs before going to bed. I have completely gotten off the opioids. My oil is 1/2,thc n 1/2?cbd that costs $60 and last me up to 1 yr I have so much info to tell you about this. I live in Ks where my stuff is illegal. I won’t buy in co because of poor results. And quality. I can tell how someone with Parkinson’s I gave to will completely quit shaking after several puffs of a vape pen. He thanked me that he could finally write a check and eat in a restaurant because it was impossible because of his shaking.


    • Greg,

      Thanks for your personal perspective on this. You have our ongoing prayers that you will continue to find relief and peace as you recover from your spinal cord injury. It’s great that you have gotten off the opioids. You’re one of the fortunate ones. Please remember us in your prayers. May the Lord bless you!


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