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Truth and Consequences


It’s sure to happen to everyone. Maybe even multiple times in your life. And we usually experience it for the first time at a very young age. We face the dilemma of either telling the truth, which could cost us something, or lying or making excuses in order to avoid such a loss. Of course, as we mature and – God-willing – grow in virtue, we want to always tell the truth. But human nature being what it is, when we do something wrong the temptation can easily arise to try to wiggle our way out of it by being less than forthright. This could include things like being found out that you lied on your resume, facing an audit by the IRS, being asked by a teacher if you cheated on an exam, and many others. There’s something refreshing about telling the truth in such circumstances, even if it costs us something we may have dearly wanted. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever managed to “come clean” when it would have been much easier to take the soft road? Let’s talk about this on Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Truth and Consequences

  1. Counselling is very helpful, and this opening up about yourself / various issues can sometimes be very difficult to talk about, but one has to speak the truth in order to be helped. The Counsellor in many ways, sometimes becomes like your soul-mate and could lead to transference issues. You could then be left in an even more difficult and confused situation than when you went there the first time.


    • Thanks for your take on this, Liselle. We were able to share it on the air. We appreciate you being part of the Take 2 family!


    • Hi Liselle,
      This may be a good reason to start asking and telling more to Jesus than to other people, though God will use His servant physicians.
      Speaking the truth to the Person who can change everything and can bring goodness into the world is so thrilling.
      ‘…and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
      Happy Christmas :0)
      Love Jane

      (PS … I created this wordsmith account as a nod to my grandmother and grandchildren who call me Zenia . It is pronounced Jania in Polish and the Jane name in the family started as Zenia in Poland many years and overseas trips ago).) FYI 🙂


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