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Love At First Site


Times have changed dramatically since the Internet entered our lives. Some people still find love the old-fashioned way – by meeting their spouse in Church, at work, or through an introduction by a family member or friend. In recent decades, however, online dating websites have proliferated. These include many reputable sites that emphasize a strong adherence to Catholic teachings and practices. Have you looked for a potential marital relationship online? Maybe you found the love of your life in cyberspace. Perhaps you’re of a mind that lifelong love should only be discovered and cultivated in a more traditional manner. Do you believe there are too many risks involved in seeking love or a relationship on a website? On Tuesday, let’s talk about “love at first site.”

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4 thoughts on “Love At First Site

  1. Are there any statistics on how often a web search is successful, ending in a permanent marriage? It seems that people might engage in “practice” conversations to hone their interpersonal skills. I think the small percentage of couples that meet this way would be reduced by a lot, if you restricted the topic to Catholic couples alone. please be sure to ask if the couple that married was Catholic or mixed marriage, or even non-Catholic.

    You know me, I’m a critic of your show, because it seems to be such a waste of air time and money. Please make this show worthwhile.


    • Thanks, Richard. We will do our best to please you with the broadcast. We pray before each show to seek the Lord’s guidance. And, of course, we rely on the callers to make it what it is. We will appreciate you praying for us each day, and we promise you our prayers always.


  2. I have found that a lot of men on these dating sites are divorced and not annulled. It is discouraging! As an older annulled woman, I wish people would not be such “Cafeteria” Catholics!


    • Thanks for your comment, Lois. This must be frustrating for those looking for a sacramental marriage. We appreciate you listening and sending your comment!


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