Take 2

What Dumb Thing Do You Wish You Hadn’t Done?

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We have choices to make every day. Some turn out well, while others don’t quite meet with the same success. In fact, using hindsight, some decisions we make, or actions we take, turn out to have been just plain dumb. Are we more likely to do these types of things when we’re younger and less wise? Or, is the potential there for this to befall us at any stage of our lives? Some examples might be taking on a college friend’s challenge to down ten cans of beer in five minutes, blindly trusting that a wall outlet is working properly when your wife told you she saw sparks coming from it when she last tried to use it, driving at 90 miles an hour with your lights off on a windy country road, you get the idea. Perhaps you would never in a million years have even considered doing anything as outrageous as these things. But, if we’re honest, each of us has done something “dumb” at some point along life’s journey. Let’s talk about this, not simply for the sake of the colorful details, but with a view to how we have matured in our thoughts and actions as we’ve gone through life.

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