Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Had to Decide to End Someone’s Life?


It’s a situation we never hope to find ourselves in, and can never be fully prepared to face. A loved one is in an accident or becomes terminally ill, and you are the one God places in the position of having to choose whether or not to end life-support measures. This can fill a person (or a family) with incredibly conflicted thoughts and emotions. You want the best for your loved one. And you don’t want them to experience undue suffering. But, “pull the plug?” You know that your “yes” to that question means that your loved will pass away and come face-to-face with Jesus and their judgment. If you’ve had to make this gut-wrenching decision, call Wednesday and share your experience.

Here is a helpful guide to end-of-life decisions published by the National Catholic Bioethics Center.


T2-111418- end_life

4 thoughts on “Have You Had to Decide to End Someone’s Life?

  1. from the former Latin mass for the deceased, the recessional hymn “In paradisum” ( pahr – ah – dees – oom)

    May the angels lead you into paradise
    at your coming may the martyrs receive you
    and lead you to the holy city Jerusalem.

    May the chorus of angels receive you
    and, with Lazarus, once poor,
    may you have eternal rest.


  2. Hello!I so appreciate that you ran 2 shows on this topic.I see the link to the bioethics center but wondering if you can let me know if and how I can get paper copies of this info and if you can direct me to where the Bishop’s article is.Thans!
    God bless you extra for how you help us through your ministry.


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