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How Specific Do You Get When You Pray?


We all pray for many things every day. Sometimes, we see God answering our prayers, but upon reflection we notice that He answered them in ways different than we had intended. For example, we may ask God to help us love Him more. He may take us through a season of intense suffering or purification in order to achieve that end, when we were thinking that maybe He would just will that our hearts loved Him more. If we experience this often enough in life, can it lead us to feel that we need to be extremely specific or precise when we pray for something? Remember, the Bible tells us that for God one day is like a thousand years. So, if we pray for something “tomorrow,” should we add the month, day and year to our prayer to make sure God knows what we’re asking for? This could make for an interesting conversation.

T2-110618- specific-prayer

2 thoughts on “How Specific Do You Get When You Pray?

  1. When his sister was punished with a ailment, Moses prayed a simple prayer: Lord, heal her and as I recall she was healed. That’s pretty specific.

    At the other end of the spectrum, the Lord’s prayer says “Our” “us” “we” a couple times, For me, that includes everybody in the world. We never are praying that prayer alone, but as a body of believers. The “hail Mary” has those words too.


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