Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Who Do You Know Who’s Closest to Being a Saint?


Obviously, we don’t canonize living people. Sometimes we will say that so-and-so is a “real saint.” But our goal in this life is indeed to become saints in the next life. Who do you know that exhibits a manner of living that shows a true attempt to grow in virtue and holiness – the very things that make certain people canonizable at their deaths? Again, this is not an exercise in canonizing anyone while they’re still living. Just a conversation where you get to share who it is in your life that models heroic virtue in a very real way. Join us and let’s talk about this on Thursday!

T2-110118- close saint

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Know Who’s Closest to Being a Saint?

  1. My friend Mary Pat is a true saint on earth. She worked for NFP in Memphis, TN and did a lot to expand this program in Memphis and other states. Her husband left her with three small boys. When the diocese didn’t have the funds to pay her, she kept on working and said that God will provide. He did. She is filled with the love of God and isn’t shy about proclaiming this.


    • Ann, what a beautiful testimony to to your friend Mary Pat. She does, indeed, sound like an amazing and charitable woman. We will be sure to add her (and you) to our prayer list. Please pray for us and the show family!


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