Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whom Or What Are You Praying For?


On Monday, call and share your heartfelt prayer intentions with Jerry and Debbie and the entire world. It’s your latest opportunity to get as much prayer support as possible for the people and things that are important to you.


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12 thoughts on “Whom Or What Are You Praying For?

  1. My children, husband and father. My oldest daughter is expecting a baby boy in Feb. She is struggling to help her boyfriend get custody of his two beautiful girls. Their mother is struggling with addiction and they come for visits and it is apparent that they are not being taken care of and having their needs met. My Marine son is struggling to adjust to civilian life, he is 110% disabled, he is only 22 and very broken. His wife left him when he got back from Iraq and took his 18 month old son. We didn’t see my grandson for months. We get to see him at least occasionally now. My youngest daughter, a junior in college, she has lifelong headaches and anxieties. She had brain surgery when she was five, and the headaches are a lasting effect. My disabled atheist husband suffers from depression and is in constant chronic pain. Ironically, one of his favorite things to talk about is religion, and he is the main reason for me coming back to the church. He would ask me questions and then I would investigate for him, in that process I actually found my faith again. My 83 year old father is blind, deaf, and struggles with various afflictions. He lives with my son and still cooks, cleans and takes care of most things. I wish I had more time to take care of him and spend time with him. I have a lot to pray about, and spend the majority of my free time talking to God and all my favorite saints. I know God is working in our lives, I can see his grace in certain events but some days are a real struggle for me.


    • Rebecca,

      We will remember all of these intentions on the show Monday, as well as in our daily prayers going forward. Keep us posted on how God answers them for you. And please remember us in your prayers!


  2. I am praying for the homeless families at Catholic Charities, The Mission in my hometown. I am praying especially for one mom who has three small children and is really struggling with getting her life back in order. I pray for grace to enter into her life and for her to know that she is loved unconditionally. I also pray for the staff at the shelter, for patience, for endurance and for grace. In gratitude for my own family and all the abundant blessings God has given us.


  3. Please prayers soninlaw alan with imigration paperwork sam in finding a big girl job husband rick with job reduction and approval o disability paperwork approval the phycal test put me in the hospital with a mini stroke. And for my youngest daughter for relationships vocation


  4. Prayers for my daughter Karleen all medical health issues including migraines daily

    Thank you


  5. I called for prays last month about a 26 years old nice who is isolated for 3 years with many problems, and her mom (my sister) who wasn’t doing anything for her. To my sorprise My sister went to a retreat…she had a 100 % change .. is helping her daughter.
    Thank you so much!!!
    Please keep praying for my nice Laura & family. Thank you again. God less.


  6. Plz pray for my gf. I try every now again to ask her what she believes in but every time I bring up god or anything of that sort she gets very defensive and upset. She says she believes in ghosts and spirits and messages from ones passed on but absolutely Denys there is a god and even gets verbally abusive when doing so. How can I reach her?


    • Shane,

      We will pray for this intention. The best thing you can do at this time is pray for your girlfriend, and show her all the love you can. You may also wish to pray and ask God if she is the right woman for you. We’re not saying she isn’t. Only God and you can decide that. But it’s good to seek to marry someone and spend your life with them if they share your faith and beliefs. God bless you.


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