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Are You Genuinely Happy When Others Succeed?


When you say the word “Congratulations!” to others, is it just an obligatory sentiment to send, or do you genuinely mean it? Are you deeply happy for others when you see them succeed in life, have good health, great relationships or good fortune? Your responses will reveal quite a bit about how you view yourself. Let’s talk about this on Thursday’s show!

T2 -091318 -Congrats

2 thoughts on “Are You Genuinely Happy When Others Succeed?

  1. I can say yes I am genuinely happy ,especially when its your Child, lets say purchasing their first home then I feel success also because it is my child!. I like to revert to your first caller who started with “do on to others, as you want done to you’! Honestly this is how it should be every where in every one! If everyone had this attitude in life then you would see a society that would be fitting for the visit of Jesus. The Golden rule is the most important aspect of my life, not only with the actions one does but also with the thoughts of the mind! Would you want someone to think bad things about you?, well then don’t think bad things about them!

    I have called your show before but could not stay on to talk, this work thing keeps getting in the way


    • Tommy,

      Thanks for your inspiring and insightful comment. We appreciate you listening to the show, and hope that one day you will be able to remain on the line and join us live on the air!


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