Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do Millennials Need God?


Objectively speaking, everyone needs God. We were all created by him, and are meant to know him and serve him, and, of course, to spend eternity with him in heaven. Subjectively, every person has to make his or her own choice to accept these facts and live accordingly. At some point in our lives, we all are likely guilty of either taking God and his gifts for granted, or outright turning away from him. This can be especially true of younger people. Many of them are known today as “millennials,” those who were born roughly between 1981-1996. Where are they in general with the whole “God” thing? Do they tend to believe? Or are they more free-spirited, and prone to thinking there is no God, or they don’t really need him in their lives, at least not right now? On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie invite your takes on this important topic, and we hope to hear from many of you who are millennial age with your own personal experiences.

Ten Reasons Why Millennials Believe They Don’t Need God


2 thoughts on “Do Millennials Need God?

  1. can you post the 10 item list or tell us where to find i. Thank you great show


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