Take 2

Who Is Your “Go-To” Saint?


Padre Pio said he was not going to enter the pearly gates until all of his adopted spiritual sons and daughters got in. So, that would make him still very active in ministry here on earth. Therese of Lisieux said, “I will spend my heaven doing good on earth.” And we all know that St Anthony is active in our lives for sure. We could all share a take on how one of these saints – or many others – have benefited us during our lives. On Tuesday, share with the Take 2 family the saints are active in your life, trying hard to get you to heaven, especially if there’s one you go to on a regular basis!

Support for praying to Mary and the saints.

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5 thoughts on “Who Is Your “Go-To” Saint?

  1. My go to saints are St. Jerome, patron of librarians, St. Mary of the Immaculate conception, Patroness of U.S., St. Mary of Assumption PATRONESS of the Acadians/cajuns (my Heritage. Blessed john Henry Newmann , venerable Micheal Mcgivney pope st john paul . St. Paul the apostle


  2. Mine are St Joseph and St Anthony, but above all St Pope Gregory (I) the Great


  3. Therese!


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