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If Only They Could Talk


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We are surrounded by surveillance cameras, tv’s, gadgets, etc that may be recording us and capturing our actions.  If all of these external devices could talk…what would they say about us? Interesting concept to explore and one that can totally relate to our spirituality.  When you really give it some thought, these mobile devices we have as our companions could actually reveal the most authentic version of ourselves if only they had the ability to speak. We tend to be the most genuine around technology and aren’t we called to be that way in real life as well? So what would your gadgets say about you? Is it in line with what your family and friends say about you?  This topic was suggested by Jeff Burson, who runs our social media for Take 2.  Call in and share your thoughts on this topic. 1-833-288-3986.

3 thoughts on “If Only They Could Talk

  1. Just heard we got a new station here in Austin Minnesota and yours was the first show I heard two weeks ago and as far as I’m concerned it’s the best show on the radio please keep it up and God bless


    • Kevin,
      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. We are so grateful to all the callers that really drive the show. Please keep us in your prayers and we will surely do the same for you and yours. Peace,
      Debbie and Jerry


    • Thanks so much, Kevin, for the kind words. Please keep us in your prayers, and know of ours for you!


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