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It Is Time For Me To…

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Only you know what it is time to do and only you can begin that process.  So what is it time to do in your life?  Maybe it is to lose weight, get healthy, exercise more, improve your finances, change careers, move to another part of the country or maybe it is time to finally develop a deeper relationship with God. We are now into the second half of 2018. This is a great time to start something new. Make this your day to declare what you are going to do that will help you on the journey of life.  Remember, when you state it out loud, that is an important step on the road to positive change. Call us, 1-833-288-3986.
A Prayer of Commitment
Lord God, Please forgive me
for all the things I have done wrong.
I turn to you and turn away from sin.
[Pause. Silently ask forgiveness
for anything you know is
keeping you from God.]
Jesus, please be the center of my life.
I welcome you personally as Lord and
Savior of my life. I ask you, Holy Spirit,
to fill me and empower me
to live as a child of God. I want to
have your grace to truly live a new life.
Thank you for hearing my prayer through
Christ our Lord. Amen.



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