Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Making Your Family The Best It Can Be

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We shared your emails with Coleen Kelly Mast from Mast Appeal heard on EWTN Radio and she imparted to us some great advice we can use immediately in our families.  This pre-recorded broadcast was devoted to the family and most of the problems we all face in parenting, etc. Coleen provides such practical tools that we can incorporate right away in our homes.  She also gives us the much-needed encouragement and hope as parents in today’s world.  Her joyful spirit and outlook is contagious and that is what makes her such a delight to listen to.  Coleen is doing great work for our parishes as well and we will get to hear all of her latest ministry efforts on Monday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. Tune in and share with your friends…

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