Take 2

My Dad Always Said…


Last week, while we were still in the Month of Mary, we asked you to share a pearl of wisdom you learned from your earthly mother or grandmother. In June, we honor the dads with the celebration of Father’s Day. So, on Wednesday, please share with us what words of wisdom or advice your father or grandfather imparted to you. Maybe you didn’t realize how profound their statements or examples were until you lived long enough to experience them for yourself. It surely would be to our advantage if we tap into their wisdom and honor them for taking the time to care about us.

4 thoughts on “My Dad Always Said…

  1. “Daddy, where are you gonna put the grass?” xD
    That’s hilarious. I’m here cracking up in the office.
    Thanks for sharing, Jerry.


  2. My Dad always said “Prayer for your vocation so that you can have a life of Joy.”


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