Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Why Do You Love Our Blessed Mother?


On Thursday, Jerry and Debbie invite your takes on Our Lady. Call and finish the sentence, “I love our Blessed Mother because…” May is the Month of Mary in the Church, and we just celebrated all mothers last Sunday. We look forward to hearing what your heart has to say about Jesus’ mother and our spiritual mother.

5-17-18 Blessed mother

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Love Our Blessed Mother?

  1. Hi Jerry and Debbie,
    First of all I really like your show.
    One of my favorite things about Our Blessed Mother is all of her names.My favorite name for her is the Blessed Virgin because it reminds me that she stayed a Virgin her whole life.I am a Dominican Territory and I am going to keep my virginity pure for Our Lord.
    God Bless you for the wonderful work you guys do .
    Sister Rose of the Passion of Christ


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