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I’m Good at That!


On Monday, it’s time to acknowledge a gift (or perhaps more than one) that God has given you. It’s not about bragging on ourselves. It’s the truth. God created each one of us in love, and endowed us with particular skills and talents. Yours might be teaching. Or maybe it’s knitting. Could be things like playing a sport, playing a musical instrument – you name it. Too often, we tend to downplay our abilities in an understandable attempt at remaining humble. But, again, the gifts are from God, not ourselves. So, when we share them with others, and even tell others what they are, we are giving glory to our Heavenly Father, who wants us to put our special abilities to use for His glory and the salvation of souls. So, what are you particularly good at? Let us know on Monday!


2 thoughts on “I’m Good at That!

  1. I am good at crafts. I make homemade Rosaries​.many different shapes sizes colors. I give them to people who ever God leads me to. One day I was describing one to my friend. These are the words that came to us through the Holy Spirit. The homemade Rosary: Each bead comes in different shapes sizes colors and textures. Each bead is made with love. Each bead represents the path of life. The choices we make, the woundedness that we carry. The string that holds the beads together is Jesus Christ carrying us through the different seasons of our lives. Jesus is always there through thick and thin. Through our woundedness and sinfulness of our lives. Jesus is walking from bead to bead and never gives up on us. With the Grace from God and the gift of two friends these words were given to us, and comes to life and is passed down with each Rosary that is made with each bead that is prayed.we go from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ shining so brightly in our lives Thank you Jesus Thank you Mary Please pray for us Amen.


    • Larry, this is really cool. Thanks for answering the Holy Spirit’s call to evangelize through these unique custom Rosaries. You will be in our prayers!


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