Take 2

Wow, That’s Breathtaking!

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As we go through life, just about everything can seem routine. Every now and then, it’s nice to be jolted by something that takes our breath away. Of course, that can happen because of so many things. On Friday, as we wrap up another week of Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie, call and share an experience you’ve had where you simply stopped, soaked it all in, marveled at what you were seeing or doing, and gave thanks to God for such a gift.

As promised on the show today, here are some pics of a few of my breathtaking experiences:

Rainbow arching over my late sister’s house as her husband and I drove home from making funeral arrangements (notice there are some hazy clouds, but not the typical conditions for a rainbow):


The sky to the west of my home several months ago that looks like it’s on fire:


The sun that looked like a Eucharistic monstrance in Sioux Falls, South Dakota:


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