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That is not what I said

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Communication is listed as one of the top reasons why relationships, businesses and organizations break down.  We live in a world where the communication methods are at an all time high technological level, yet we still have difficulty maintaining proper lines of effective communication.  Is it because we are moving so fast in this world that we don’t stop to really decipher what is being said?  Maybe we are so used to talking and we have become uncomfortable with truly listening.  Let’s talk about the art of communication and how it relates to our faith life.  Call in on Monday to: 1-833-288-3986.

One thought on “That is not what I said

  1. For critical information such as orders in a nuclear power plant (where I learned this) there is something called 3-way communication.

    A simple example (not an example of a nuclear power plant conversation) would be: I want a pizza with mushrooms. I understand, you want a pizza with mushrooms. Yes, I want a pizza with mushrooms.

    The message is repeated 3 times.

    This would be helpful — when needed for accuracy — in day to day communication.


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