Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

The Fallout From Divorce

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The Fallout From Divorce


We are LIVE this Saturday at the L.A. Religious Education Congress.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  We decided to pick a topic that impacts most every one of us.  The Fallout From Divorce is the title and sadly it speaks for itself.  We know that the real casualties of divorce are the children.  They did not ask for the divorce and the last thing they wanted is to have a house divided.  Divorce may be inevitable at times for a multitude of reasons, but that still does not change the reality that the children and the adults are forever impacted and not in a positive way.  This is a difficult subject to address because everyone has their own unique set of circumstances.  But, it is a topic we must talk about because unfortunately divorce is rampant in today’s culture. ​ Jerry and Debbie will be able to speak from experience on this matter and we hope you weigh in as well, by calling, 1-833-288-3986(EWTN).

Here are some resources from today’s show!

Worldwide Marriage Encounter – www.wwme.org


Retrouvaille – www.helpourmarriage.org


Rose Sweet – www.rosesweet.com

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