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What Person or Passage in the Bible Do You Most Identify With?


We read the Bible, hear it read at Mass and have others quote it to us. There are thousands of intriguing characters and passages contained in the Scriptures. Sometimes, we just latch on to someone or something that reminds us of ourselves and/or our life circumstances. Is there a person or passage that you can especially identify with? Call on Tuesday and share it with Jerry and Debbie.



2 thoughts on “What Person or Passage in the Bible Do You Most Identify With?

  1. Ruth in the Bible, her story reminds me of my relationship with my mother in law. Mary, my mother in law strengthened my faith and love in Jesus. She inspired me to love always and to trust in the Lord always. We were very close. She has gone to be with the Lord and I hope to be with him too.


    • Shelly,

      We will pray for Mary, as well as for you and all who knew and loved her. Yes, may we all be with Jesus in the end!

      Jerry and Debbie


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