Take 2

Have You Dealt With a Cheating Spouse?


While marriage is designed to be lived out by husband and wife in complete fidelity to one another, history is fraught with instances of infidelity. It happens far too often, usually leaving in its wake a trail of heartache and family wreckage. Yet, there are those grace-filled situations where spouses are able to reconcile and forgiveness is given and received. We know this is a very personal and delicate matter, but if you have been on either end of marital infidelity, and you’re comfortable sharing your experience and its outcome, please call and talk with Jerry and Debbie on Tuesday. As always, what you share on the program could have a far-reaching impact on other listeners – especially those who may be now going through what you went through some time ago.


4 thoughts on “Have You Dealt With a Cheating Spouse?

  1. I had infidelity in my marriage and I want to share my experience. First I want to say that an infidelity doesn’t brake a marriage… however, when a marriage is breaking, that’s when infidelity happens. My husband and I were married for 10 years and for everyone we had a perfect marriage. However, we were completely opposite in everything, and could share only few things in life. We began growing appart but the routine, family matters and busy work made us believe we were the same two people. He fell in love with another woman and I was desperate, angry, sad, suspicious…there were mixed feelings I didn’t know how to control. My sister and people from the church made ‘go back to my senses’ and give the marriage another chance. I did for three years more. I became dull, and indiferent with my life, and always had a good mask of happiness to show the world, The truth is that I was miserable especially because I believed I had to stay married even if I wasn’t in love with him anymore. The three longest years of my life. I spoke to a family priest because I felt I needed a divine advice. He told me that God wants us to stay in a marriage in which we both love each other, grow and walk through the same paths and enjoy life together in spite of any difficulty. That was far from being my life. I decided I wanted to end my marriage and when my husband came from a business trip I told him I wanted to get divorce. He and I had tears, and he asked me if I was sure. I was completely sure! The day after we research and did the paperwork to end the marriage and when at the court he asked me again if I was sure, and my answer was: “I’m completely sure that you and I can be happier with someone else. It was the right decision. Funny part was, that the day after we signed the divorce papers, he took a plane to find the woman he fell in love with three years before. I was greatful to God for the courage of making that decision and nowadays I’m happy for him and greatful for that woman in his life, because now we are both happy….many couples stay in unhappy marriages because they believe that it’s better for the kids and say that when kids grow old they can make a decision. Or because they made a vow and have to comply with it until death part them, no matter how unhappy they might feel…unfortunately not every marriage can be saved, that’s the truth, and staying together to comply with family and society expectations, is definetely not the answer…but more people than we imagine are in similar situations. I am a strong believer in marriage, and It took me five years of loneliness to find a love that could fill my heart and make me feel happy, but that wait was worth every minute. I believe that people deserve another chance in life when they do not feel happy and in love in their relationships. Having a more loving and supporting marriage create stronger commitments. I know this one is a different story va what everyone reads about, but I believe it is important to people going through my same experience, to understand and accept that it’s OK, they are not monsters and that God will still love them, if they take seriously this new opportunity and live under His precepts. Thanks for listening!


    • Thank you for your heartfelt message and for listening to Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie. We pray that you and all of the people involved in your story are at peace with God and seeking to deepen their love and friendship with Him. You will all be in our prayers, and we ask for yours as well. God bless you.

      Jerry and Debbie


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