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What’s Happened to Common Courtesy?


We live in a world that’s vastly different than it was just a generation or two ago. So many things have changed – some for the better, some for the worse – it’s hard to keep up with it all. One thing that should never go out of style is people treating others with common courtesy. Thanking those who help you. Holding the door for someone. Letting another driver merge into the lane in front of you. The examples and instances are endless. What is your experience of this? Do you think our culture is less courteous than it once was? Perhaps you see common courtesy exhibited all the time. Let’s have a conversation about this on Tuesday, and we’ll all come away a little bit better for it.

1-30-18- courtesy

2 thoughts on “What’s Happened to Common Courtesy?

  1. http://dailyheadline.com/an-old-lady-paid-for-a-customers-books-then-she-said-this-and-left-him-tears/

    Saw a link to the above article on Facebook. It, in some understandable way, reminded me of today’s show about common courtesy. Thanks for you show (and finally reading off some of our conversation comments on Youtube).

    Dave Murray


  2. Dave,

    Thanks for your note and the link. Wow, what an amazing story. That’s what’s happening all around us. We just don’t see it. Appreciate you sending it. And, yes, we need to do a better job of getting to the social medial comments. Thanks for the healthy reminder!

    Jerry and Debbie


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