Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What Unbelievable Experience Did You Almost Miss?

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There are many times in life when we think to ourselves, “Oh, my, do I have to go to that function?” Or, “Why did I commit to that phone call?” We had great intentions when we added it to our calendar. But we plan a lot of things that way, including sometimes just committing to something in order to end a correspondence or conversation with someone. You know, the old, “Hey, let’s get caught up by phone sometime.” However, when the appointed time comes, we have so many other things we need to tend to. Nevertheless, we honor the commitment we made, attend the function (whether it’s a wedding, a friend’s birthday celebration, a monthly meeting of a social organization we belong to) and have our lives changed in a beautiful way. Looking back, we often say, “I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.” When has this happened to you? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Monday.

1-15-18- nbelievable Experience

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