Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Spiritual Support For Our Kids in College


At this time of year, the holidays have just ended and parents and students are scrambling to accomplish last minute “to do”s before college-aged young adults head back to school for the second semester. Most of the college-bound can’t wait to get back to their friends, their own schedule, and, well, yes… their classes.  Many of their mothers feel torn. Having college-aged young adults at home for the long Christmas break can be taxing and moms are often ready to say adieu. On the other hand, many mothers have cherished the family time the holidays have provided and want to “freeze time” and relish those moments. So, on these cold, dark early January days, as bags are packed and eager college-aged young adults make their preparations to leave, their mothers do what they do best–PRAY. We pray for safe travel, for a good academic semester, for our child’s health and safety, for a calming of our own heart and mind and, perhaps most of all, that they will stay true to their Catholic faith on campus. Maribeth Harper joins Jerry and Debbie on Wednesday to take a look at this important subject. Be sure to tune in and call with your takes.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Support For Our Kids in College

  1. I loved this post! I read your blog when I got time after school and your always
    coming out with some great stuff. I shared this in my twitter and
    my followers love it! keep up the good work.


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