Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Why Are We Angry?

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Everywhere we turn, people are being mean to one another. Sure, we have the “big” issues like mass shootings and so forth. Yeah, definitely anger at work. But even on a “smaller” scale, we see evidence of anger all around us. Road rage. Social media. Politics. You name it. Anger is a natural human emotion. Jesus expressed His anger at the money-changers in the temple. The Bible exhorts us not to “let the sun go down on your anger.” It’s what we do with angry feelings that’s important. But a deeper question to probe is why are we angry? There are so many irrational expressions of anger. For many people, it comes from life’s wounds, traumas and negative experiences. Let’s delve into this very important topic. Call in with your take on this, 1-800-585-9396.

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