Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Able to Receive Praise?


The Christian faith teaches us all about humility. Everything good thing we do begins with God’s grace and inspiration and reaches completion with His help. So, can we take credit for any of our good works? Don’t we have to cooperate with God’s grace in order for Him to work in and through us? What about the gifts God gives us? Surely, they’re gifts from His hand to us. But they’re still ours, in a certain sense. When someone tells you you did a great job on this or that task, are you able to receive that praise, knowing that your talents ultimately come from God? So many people completely reject praise and honor for their achievements out a sense of unworthiness, or even a false humility. Let’s talk about this on Tuesday with Jerry and Debbie.


2 thoughts on “Are You Able to Receive Praise?

  1. 11/7/17 show
    Thank you Jerry & Debbie! And all the callers! I had several aha moments! I see now all compliments DO come from God! And aren’t we suppose to see Jesus in everyone?
    Debbie I heard St. Mother Teresa speak once about thanking one of her sisters for the beautiful job she had done cleaning the toilets, Mother told her “they sparkled!”
    Also Happy Anniversary Debbie & Marty!
    I’ll never forget your day as its also my baby sisters anniversary (their 25th).
    Love & prayers always


  2. PS; thanks for sharing your airport story Debbie! Its such a thankless job and I’m going to seek out those people now and Thank them also.


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