Take 2

Be Kind to Yourself

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It’s often said that God always forgives, others usually forgive, but we have a hard time forgiving ourselves. It’s true. We are often our own worst critics. When we go to Confession, both God and the Church offer us complete forgiveness. When we walk out of the confessional our sins are completely washed away in the blood of Jesus. Then we often go home, lay our head on the pillow at night and rehash our sins. “I was so bad.” “How could I have done that?” “God could never forgive me.” Well, you’ve been forgiven by God and the Church. Why can’t you forgive yourself? It’s a challenge for all of us. Remember, the Bible says to “love your neighbor as yourself.” A proper and healthy self-love includes showing mercy to ourselves. How are you doing at this? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Wednesday.

Mercy Self

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