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Are You Young, Catholic and Professional?

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As Christians we’re called to make a difference in the temporal order. That means taking Jesus into all areas of life, including the workplace. For today’s young adults that can be a real challenge. The forces acting against them are enormous and intimidating. They are often shouted down by the enemies of faith and virtue. So, how are they supposed to influence their peers for good? Are you a young adult Catholic just getting started in your career? How is it going so far? Are you in a working environment that allows you to freely be who you are as a Catholic Christian? Do you have to guard your faith so as to not “rock the boat?” Worse, if you speak up are you subject to reprisals from your peers or bosses? Have you been able to turn the hearts of your co-workers toward Jesus and the faith? Do you have support in your faith as a young Catholic professional? Call Monday and make a difference in the life of a fellow young Catholic professional who may be in a difficult position. Our guest will be Jennifer Baugh, founder and executive director of Young Catholic Professionals


One thought on “Are You Young, Catholic and Professional?

  1. Jennifer Baugh;
    I will add Young Catholic Pros and you to my daily rosary along with the many campus ministries I pray for.
    God Bless you in your ministry! We NEED our young people in the church!!
    May the Lord of the harvest call abundantly and bless our young people!
    Yours in Christ<3


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