Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Holding Anything Back From God?

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God deserves nothing less than everything from each of us. But often our wounds, experiences, setbacks, etc., can cause us to guard various areas of our lives. For some it may be having the best intentions to spend time in daily prayer but they never get around to it out of a fear of what God might say or do in their lives. Others may be holding onto impurity of some sort. Still others may be putting in less than an honest day’s work thinking they can get away with it. For others it may be that they are faithful to their spouses in most everything, but they hold onto the “right” to go out for beers with the boys on a regular basis. Virtually everyone reserves at least a tiny area of their life to “control” themselves. Call on Friday and share how you do your best to give God all of you!

8-4-17- holding_back

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