Take 2

Are You an Easy Target for Criticism or Negativity?

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Some people seem as though bad circumstances and relationships follow them throughout life. Those who are prone to giving negativity can often spot others who make themselves too vulnerable when it comes to receiving it. Have you had an experience like this? Maybe you’ve had to work on not being the giver of negativity. Are you the arrow or the target? That’s Tuesday with Jerry and Debbie.

8-1-17- target

One thought on “Are You an Easy Target for Criticism or Negativity?

  1. Hello Debbie and Jerry, what an awesome blessing this show is in my life! It never gets old or boring! I’m always learning new things and gaining insightful wisdom from both of you and all of the Take 2 family. Thank you for making such a positive difference in my life and the many other listeners. Thank you for your prayers , past , present and future. Be assured that you all will be in my prayers as well. May God shower you with His abundant blessings.
    My love and prayers,


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