Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

I’m Proud of My Child (Again)


OK, so parents never stop loving their children or being proud of them. At least, they shouldn’t. But how many moms and dads suffer the heartache of a son or daughter almost ruining their life? It happens all the time. Kids can cause parents a great deal of deep disappointment. It’s as old as the human race. Making bad choices that lead to addiction, incarceration, failed marriages, families disgraced and torn apart. As a parent, you may have spent decades praying for the return of one of your children to sanity and respect. Thankfully, many of our kids have come to their senses and completely turned their lives around. There can be few feelings of relief and gratitude like when this happens. What has been your experience of a son or daughter regaining your respect after a period of wasting their gifts and talents? Share your take Tuesday on this very impactful subject.


2 thoughts on “I’m Proud of My Child (Again)

  1. Thank you all very much for all of your encouraging words on the radio. Everything is coming in loud and clear from here in Tulsa.

    Much appreciated. You all are such a blessing. There is much to be thankful for here. This is a new experience for me. EWTN radio is such an important thing or me.


  2. Heartache is a great word when there really are none for how a parent feels when our children have made bad choices. As Debbie mentioned, when we bring home our bundle of joy, not only do we think they can do no wrong, too many parents want to relive their lives through these little ones…what an impossible expectation! Even though it took years, our son finally met his son and believe me, I am convinced prayers are answered when I say there was just peace! Our 3 children have all made choices we never would have, however, they are God’s children and we love them not even a fraction of how God loves them and, more than anything, I am blessed to have watched all three of them overcome their choices and become hardworking and loving adults!
    Thank you for your blessed work!


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