Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are There Too Many “Victims” In the World?

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The last few decades have seen an incredible surge in the “victim mentality.” Lawsuits. Hurt feelings. Bullying. Insults. Denying my “rights.” Everyone has an excuse to self-identify as a “victim.” Let’s be honest. There are real victims in every age. People who are truly abused and taken advantage of. But are you a “victim” if another driver cuts you off on the freeway or if you spill your own hot coffee on your lap? Most importantly, what has the victim mentality done to us as humans and especially as Christians? Where does “turn the other cheek” fit in? One of the worst sins a person can commit is self-pity. If we wallow in that we can completely shut ourselves off from the genuine growth that God wants for us. What’s your take on this important subject? Share it Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie (Tuesday’s show will be pre-recorded for Independence Day).


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