Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Is It OK to Want to Alleviate Suffering?

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As Christians, perhaps especially Catholics, we have a fully developed sense of “redemptive suffering.” In a nutshell, that means that every bit of discomfort and suffering we experience can be handed over to Jesus for Him to do great things with it. No suffering should ever be wasted. But does that mean we have to be happy with our sufferings, to eagerly welcome them, to do nothing to remove them? Fleeing from suffering is a very natural, human reaction. And the Church would be the first to say that we in no way have to think of our pain in a masochistic way, nor that we should do nothing to alleviate it. Do you sometimes have a problem in your conscience if you do seek to get out of suffering at virtually any cost? Does that give you the feeling that you are not doing the right thing and “offering up” your suffering? Let’s drill deeply into this topic on Tuesday.


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