Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What Are You Afraid Of?

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Just about everyone has a fear of something. For some it might be heights. Others might cringe at the thought of touching a spider or a snake. Many people have a fear of flying in airplanes. Are these phobias rational or might they be the product of something we have experienced in our lives? Share your take on Monday with Jerry and Debbie at 800-585-9396.



Understanding Scrupulosity by Fr Santa

NCR: 6 Tools for the Scrupulous


One thought on “What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. I was bitten by 3 dogs by the age of 13 years old. The first time I was bitten, I was 8 or 9. I was petting some collie puppies and the mother came out of nowhere & bit me. I was paranoid of dogs after that. One of the things that helped greatly was living with a friend who had a Police Trained German Shepherd. The friend was a dispatcher for the Washtenaw County Sherriff’s Dept.


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