Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do Others Know What You Stand For?

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The Bible exhorts us to let our “yes” mean “yes,” and our “no” mean “no.” In other words, we are called to live with conviction about things that touch upon faith, morals and everyday life. How important is it that others know what you stand for? For one thing, people are searching. They’re searching for truth and an anchor that will prevent them from drifting too far in any particular direction. They want stability in their lives. This doesn’t mean there can’t be legitimate differences of opinion of non-essential issues. It’s just vital that we be known as people of deep conviction when it comes to what is essentially true. How do people perceive you in this regard? What are some ways that you make it known to people what you stand for while honoring and respecting their right and freedom to believe differently? Share you take on this important topic on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie.


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