Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

“I Didn’t Study For This!”

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Many people go to college to study something, but end up working in a completely different field. It’s actually quite common. If you fall into this category, call on Friday and share your take on how you are using the education you received to fulfill your present professional obligations. Maybe you’re deeply disappointed that you didn’t find work in your educational field. Perhaps you had no clue what you wanted to study when you went to college, only to discover your passion after you graduated. You may haveĀ entered the workforce in your chosen field only to realize that it wasn’t fulfilling after all. God leads us all in mysterious ways (He “writes straight with crooked lines,” as they say). What has been your experience? Talk to you on Friday!


One thought on ““I Didn’t Study For This!”

  1. HI Jerry and Debbie …It’s Victoria who spoke to you from Chicago on I did not study for this … I forgot to mention 2 points of my study going from Engineering to IT to work from home….
    (1) you mentioned overcoming obstacles….. I would also say that the key for me was LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD….when I stopped planning …. God made all things new ….and good. I have since coming back to the church …..started to focus on the JOURNEY….. and NOT the destination ….

    (2) a 2nd NOTE To the stay at home mom with business degree and loans …. I would say her degree made her life possible? Would her husband have had as much in common if she did not go to college? Who knows what might happen in the future?
    I have friends who had planned meticulously to have one parent at home until the kids were in grade school at least…..This turned out to be the mom (who actually made more than her husband but counld not find a job) …. She later died in childbirth leaving her husband with an 18 month and 3 yr old. He has continued the commitment to be at home for the kids … God provided …

    He tried working part time and raise the kids. He was UNable to do BOTH well …. He decided to remain at home without working …. Kids were offered financial support from their catholic school, and he lives carefully under the survivor benefits for the kids from social security….. he plans to continue to be at home until the kids are both in school for a full day. The kids are now 7 and 5 …happy and well adjusted. Our friend is amazing and we continue to pray for a mother and wife for them,….. God is with them and with us all.. Hang in there to all seekers …. LET GO and LET GOD!!! Happy mums day!
    Thank you for today’s show.


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