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Why Do We Pray for Our Priests?

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Some people pray that their parish priest will be better at homilies. Others that he will be more compassionate in the confessional. These are good reasons to pray for them. But the most important reason we should pray for them is because they are in the cross hairs of the devil and his demons. They are under major attack. They have special graces from God to endure in their vocation. But our prayers help them remain strong and faithful. Like in the Old Testament when the people held up Moses’ arms and the Israelites were winning the battle. When they grew weary and didn’t hold up his arms, they were losing the battle.  Share why you pray for priests and why others should as well.  1-800-585-9396

Hands of the priest prayer – https://www.ewtn.com/library/PRIESTS/POEMPRIE.TXT


One thought on “Why Do We Pray for Our Priests?

  1. Re: praying for priests. Our parish in N. GA had, several years ago, a priest highly respected in the Archdiocese to come to our parish. He decided to make some changes that were not well received. he held a parish wide meeting to allow people to speak their opinions, and some folks were really ugly. this highly respected and well educated Irish priest had a stroke while there. It was several years ago and he is still in a wheelchair. Be careful about your public words, folks. They can harm others.


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